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pdf-18-page-00001Families Love Each Other by Marcus Logan and Suzanne Muir, with illustrations by Heather Jacolbia is a new Illustrated Primary / Junior Book and eBook available for families and educators on the web site along with other resource materials including multi-language Student Cards (“How to Talk to Your Family About Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”) and Family Cards (“How to Talk with Children and Youth About Sexual and Gender Identities”), plus a Teacher’s Facilitators Guide.

These resources help youth and families have courageous and compassionate conversations about sexual orientation and gender identity within diverse cultural and faith contexts.

Quantity print versions of Families Love Each Other and Cards for use in the classroom are also available.

Families Love Each Other was produced by a partnership between Positive Space Network, Halton Multicultural Council, Punjabi Community Health Services, Unity Mosque, and the Bridging Gaps Project, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education (views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the Ontario Ministry of Education)